The Devils Desire

Under stars like the blanket that cover you

I kiss your lips

Heaven bows to the majestic view of your form

As I marvel in your greatness

Bowing only to your whims

Bending to your desire

I follow the road signs to your inner thighs

Slowly and gracefully

You succumb to my will

You overflow with overwhelming anticipation

I follow the white rabbit into it’s lair

Your nails drag into my back

Your screams piercing the very fabric of time

As I lead you down the path of nirvana

and into the very gates of the heavens that worship you

We both know that even the demons of hades envy you

The Devil himself watches as we dance in his smile

As the Gods of old and new turn a blind eye to our secrets

Secrets only we share

Under the the stars like the blanket that cover you