Every need that as I fall asleep you creep into my bed

You whisper in my ear memories 

They dance like marionettes as silhouettes on my walls

Bringing you back to my arms holding you as I’ve lost you

Waking next to you as morning light penetrates our window

Reaching over to touch your face as you sleep

Watching those memories dancing like marionettes

On your smile like a silhouette of your hearts desire

After all the dreaming is over

We’ve risen from our bed as quiet as a babies sigh

The coffee mug gripped tight in your hand

Our eyes meet bringing me to ponder all the things I am thankful for

Walking in out of the rain of loneliness 

Tightly held hands warm to touch

We match the broken pieces of what we wanted

Settling into the happiness we are

Pondering all the things we are thankful for