The Meeting

The sun setting peacefully in the west My eyes following the Cascades  The fog lying soft like a blanket The tall conifers swaying in the wind ~ My sun kissed face watching the horizon  My weary eyes watching carefully along the edges of forever  Finding you  Finding me ~ We walk reaching for each other…

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My Dearest One

Motionless I lay silently on the floor as she played piano across the room Note by note a stream of endless daydreams pass as if my mind were a kaleidoscope, and the memory of another woman was the shattered glass inside The music stops with a sudden crash as though she read my thoughts and…

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Love's greatest lie

What is the truth of the heart? Loves greatest lie is hope Giving into the belief that we can touch another persons soul Without losing our own How did we start? Where will it end? Are these questions even needed? Lost on a road only guided by dim stars we navigate by our own fears…

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