No Self

She walks with flowers in her hair A pink ribbon holds her dress in place She has no belt She’s never needed one She walks alone Side by side with her self Sometimes it’s harder to face yourself than it is to face your. self. Life is a highway The body is the car When…

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The Devils Desire

Under stars like the blanket that cover you I kiss your lips Heaven bows to the majestic view of your form As I marvel in your greatness Bowing only to your whims Bending to your desire I follow the road signs to your inner thighs Slowly and gracefully You succumb to my will You overflow…

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She Dances

A silver men’s watch rested on her wrist Like her soul it was broken long ago It was worn as a reminder of her past She has no need for time She’s never in a hurry The world stands still and marvels at her as she dances by herself With her selves Many forgotten memories…

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