10 Tips for the Autistic Teen


Growing up with autism I have a lifetime of mishaps and mistakes that I wouldn’t want anyone growing up with autism to make. Now that I have a teen with autism I find that I watch him and see myself in so much he does. He’s obsessed with skateboarding and the skateboarding industry. When he…

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#Autism and #Aspergers Awareness PSA

Understanding is key.   I’ve read several articles over the past few days written by people without autism or Asperger’s telling people how people with autism and Asperger’s feel and how to relate with us. Well, as a person who has Asperger’s I’d love the opportunity to weigh in. Here’s my two cents… Leave us…

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Please donate!

Please donate to Autism Skates! https://www.gofundme.com/helpautismskates Every donation goes towards our goal to help children with autism gain confidence and learn to skate. These are Skater Trainers. This is one example of the types of tools we use to help children on the spectrum learn to skate. Go visit http://www.skatertrainer.com/ and buy a pair for…

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An essay on sadness

Some days I want to sit and cry I’m not sad I’m not sure what I am My heart is at peace As peace as it can be When my anxiety doesn’t take hold of the wheel anyway Even then I’m not sad I don’t know what I am I am Something else Someone else…

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