I have a dark stain on my soul

but you are outright evil

Like sun burnt sunflowers begging for life

Taking what your given

Love, hearts, and hands

and then twisting them like a scheming alchemist to your own intention 

Your words spread lies that would embarrass Judas 

Your voice spreads misinformation and misdirection like a high pitched siren that should be used like a warning to the small children

The children suffering under your thumb

Holding on for spite and that 30 pieces of silver given at the first of the month

Keep it

Keep what you covet so deeply and release the children from a life of rage and hate

Look at your life

The lies

Why would you keep hidden and then deal out the same pain you were given

Rise up and feel the sun

Even the devil has his standards

Where are yours?

Live in that shade you cast

Live in the lies you spread 

You’ve made your bed

Now die in it