Something blue…

I feel cheatedAlmost deceived 

As I walk through a valley watching all of the dreams of the person I thought you were

That I thought we could be

You’ll never dance with me

For me

Like you did for so many others

I’m safe

I’m comfortable 

I’ve become boring even to my own fucking life

It’s a temple we’ve built on the belief things would change

but things never really change

I want to burn it down

Burn the whole fucking thing down to the ground

Down the where my dreams lie

They all lie

Falling down the cliffs

Next to the ocean swelling

Waves of hate and envy carrying me away

In that sailboat I build as a child


Bury me alive

Let the angels of filth feast on my soul

I’ve fallen from grace

We’ve all fallen


Why couldn’t I just be happy?


Something old

Something new

Something borrow

Something… fuck you


I won’t be blue for you any longer