Self love

We had high hopes 

You and I

Once we were going to conquer the world

We were going to be wild and free

Once we were going to be real and faithful 

Once upon a time 

So long ago

Now I see you and see vague illusions of what you were

Grander delusions of happiness 

Now I see you as a ghost 

A faint shell hiding someone I thought was wonderful 

Someone I could count on

Thick and thin

I wonder how I ever thought I could count on you

You could never count on yourself 

Now when I see you I see a stranger 

Someone I never really knew

Someone greater than you were and greater than you thought you could be

A star rising in the north sky

Leading me into a new light

and a new life

When I look in the mirror I see me

The reflection of what I was 

The image of who I’ve become 

and so many better days ahead