Saying… Goodbye

In the empty place

Which is now my heart

I wonder in years of silence waiting for you
Waiting by the phone

The ghost of what will never be hovers over me like deaths shadow
And I wait here alone in the empty place that is now my heart

A rush of panic creeps over me as I sit up in bed
Sitting still
Rushed by footsteps of your memory

Blindly I reach for the light switch
Any light
Any safe harbor

Sitting alone in the shadow of midnight
Nightmares cursing me
As I am yet still awake
I cry for a single second within your love once again

Begging ancient gods and friendly spirits
Asking that my name would cross your lips
That our hearts and souls would touch
And heal the loneliness left in this empty place that is now my heart

A single voice cries back from the deep abyss

Goodbye she says

She’s saying…