Relationship Status

I had recently changed my Facebook relationship status to “In a complicated relationship”. Now say what you want about your Facebook friends, but mine really are the best in the world! (even the people I frustrate every day with endless quotes from Buddha and Snoopy) My friends immediately surrounded me, like a wagon train, and went into protective mode. They know the past few years has been really hard for me. Most of the people on my personal Facebook page I’ve know most of my life.
One friend asked:
“Aren’t all relationships complicated?”

My response was this:

” They shouldn’t be though. As humans we seem to complicate things, which is funny since we’re supposed to be the most intelligent species on the planet. But when we let go of ego, attachment, and expectations something really beautiful and fantastic happens!”

Love knows no boundaries, has no country, has no color, but what it has, what it gives us is hope…

Love someone. Love them deep, and stay true. Life is beautiful. Share a little love with the whole world. Be kind. Be forgiving.

Be a person who is love and love will always find you.