On writers block…

Yeah, it’s happened. 

I miss my kids. I miss my vision of what I thought everything is and by fault but my own brain I feel alone a lot. It’s not because I’m alone or lonely. It’s the writers block. When I can’t write I feel alone. It’s not Carrie for those wondering. Even though she doesn’t always see life in my light she’s always loving and supportive. I do wonder with all of my fans and followers why no one has reached out. It’s ok though. I know life gets busy and I have nothing but love for all of you. Some nights I feel like I’m alone dancing in the rain. If you’ve seen me dance you know that isn’t pretty. I want to be something beautiful though. People want beautiful things and I’m not. I’m a big fat train wreck. 

I really miss my boys and as much as I play the part I’m not ok but at the same time I’m perfect and feel I’m right where the Universe wants me. 
I have The Sunday Shorts coming out soon and Love Letters shortly after. I am working on Sullivan Street and hoping it’s finished before Christmas so if your interested please send happy thoughts. 
I miss me, you know?