My Dearest One

Motionless I lay silently on the floor as she played piano across the room

Note by note a stream of endless daydreams pass as if my mind were a kaleidoscope, and the memory of another woman was the shattered glass inside

The music stops with a sudden crash as though she read my thoughts and they crushed her

Softly and quietly she flows across the room as if she were hovering on a cloud and my thoughts were the wind that carried her

I reach for her hand
She takes mine
So soft, so gentle
Then she moves to join me on the floor

No words are spoken
They never need to be
She knows me and I know her

Our lips navigate towards one another like two lost souls coming together after a thousand years of separation

Our bodies meet as two new worlds begging to be explored

So we explore

Her soft hands move slowly along my neck and face
My hands find themselves exploring her waist and thighs
Our lips still locked in an eternal struggle, reaching deeply into each other’s heart

The thoughts of the other woman fade quickly as my love pours deeper into my lover
Motion after motion the struggle our passion escapes and we join like the pieces of a puzzle

Upon the ultimate climax we fall deeply into each other’s arms

Waiting for one or the other to let go we hold on

We hold close

Never ending is the story of our love
Never ending are the unspoken words
Never ending until the ends comes

And the end always comes

As she walks away I feel alone, empty
The music starts as if it had never ended and she plays on

Note by note

My thoughts again turn to daydreams
They are now of her, my love

My dearest one