Lullaby of Waves

White crested waves lull me to sleep

As the search light of ships follow the landscape 

My lips follow the contours of your soft skin

How calming the breeze brushes my shoulders

As your hand fits keenly into mine

and I pull you closer

All the while waves in eager fashion kissing the beach

Your body


In the distance a fog horn splits the fog

Darkness surrounding the sands

Not even the stars pierce the densely hovering clouds

As the rain falls quietly like your whispers of love

Come closer 

Feel the breeze

Feel time passing with the pounding waves

Feel my hands gliding across your back

Watch your own stars shine


As night passes lovingly into dawn

I awake by your side a changed man

Looking deep into the eyes of my own soul

You, my angel 

I fall deep into the rabbit hole of your gaze

As the flares of azure and coral dance across the skies

My fingers dance across your body

As we find loves snare trapping us once again


By next day this will all seem like a dream