You’re lucky just to know me, she said smiling

I’m lucky just to be alive, I responded in solace 

Come on and dance some more, she said pulling me behind her by my hand

She led me like a calf to slaughtered onto the dance floor and then took me into her arms like the Angel of Death

As I pulled close my melancholy turned ever so closer to joy as I let my heart linger on how lucky I really was

Kiss me, she whispered 

My lips dry

My tongue reaching to wet them

I kissed her neck

and then her face

and then her lips
She squealed  with excitement and as the beat of the music picked up

Like my heart

We danced

Like savages  giving praise to ancient gods crying for blood

The death of my heart 

Suddenly awakened

Suddenly electric

Knowing that in her arms



I was alive

We were alive and in love
The long walk home 

Alone under a full moon

She leaned in close and we kissed

It was a kiss that sat vibrant on my lips

Like the moonlight dancing on the water

You’re lucky to even know me, she whispered in my ear

and I only responded with
I know…