Locked in his closet

He keeps her hidden in a closet

Ashamed of the woman she is

Ashamed his family will see

How she shines

He owns her heart and mistreats her spirits

He takes for granted all the beautiful things she becomes

and she becomes so many

Each soul a new voice

When she wakes she pauses to light her cigarette

Slowly she takes a drag as she looks in the mirror

but which face does she see?

Each face a new smile

She shines like a million stars

Falling from a dark heaven

Burning out on the bullshit he feeds her

He doesn’t love her, he want to own her

He keeps her from loving

Where love is found

Love also passes by

He laughs at her losses

Keeping her hidden in a closet

Where he secretly laughs

While she searches for truth

As she walks slowly on the ocean gathering the lost children of the Ent