The times we live in seem so unsure. It's easy to lose hope. I remember growing up in the Reagan era, and the fear that swept the nation over nuclear was minimal but was there none the less. It wasn't even a new fear. It was revisited from the generation before, and the generation before that. Now that we're in 2017, as a child, I thought we'd be past the fear of Hell falling from the sky. I thought we'd love one another, not only as a nation, but as a world. A society based on kindness and compassion. We'd see past religion and skin color and hate but we haven't.

I see it growing more and more every day. Many white people are still afraid of losing their identity through diversity. Many black people are afraid, and with great understanding, of being pulled from their car and killed by a police officer. Our nation is moving backwards. People are being killed because of their religion, are killing because of their religion, the people they decide to love, and their skin color. God is God. Do you think God is proud of us letting people starve, watching children drown from the safety of our couch, or blind hate based on narrow minded beliefs?

I don't believe if God is out there that pride is a feeling that gleams over what we are and our hateful attitudes towards each other.

Now that we're in the era of Trump I really do see fear and hate rising. It's frightening and I fear for the future of our children and the world. Our climate is failing. Countries in a position to launch mass weapons of destruction are being provoked instead of a real understanding being found. We want to deny healthcare to poor people while blindly taking it away from ourselves and our own children because Trump says it's better for us.

And it's not all Trump's fault. People blindly follow a wall being built of hatred and dishonesty. They turn a blind eye to people in need, because of their religion and skin color, all while spitting on the very ideas that Jesus taught and want to call it progress and claim they are making America great again.

I don't know what to think or feel about all of it some days. I do know that we can't go on separated by hate and fear.

My proposal is to band together, black and white people, Christian and Muslim, rich and poor, men and woman, stand together for real change. That we let love and compassion lead our hearts, and leave hate behind. Let's find leaders, all over the world, that want change that affects everyone and not their own bank accounts.

John Lennon said it best, Imagine.