I Surrendered

“Stay…” She said softly

As I turned to walk away

“Please, won’t you?”

Her voice carried on as if it was the only sound I’d ever heard

So clear

So demanding

Yet soft and subtle

I stopped at the door

My jacket in hand

It’s already 3 AM

It’s already too late

My head was spinning from hours of her mental stimulation

and visions of her body

She held me tight

Like a sailor lost at sea

Clinging for life

and I was her lifeline

Our bodies merged in a merciless struggle to become one

We found our weary souls blazing new paths of love and excitement

Across the landscape of our flesh

Across the barrier of trust and doubt

“Why should I stay?” I asked hesitantly

“Because I need you” she said gruffly

“Because I know you want to” she whispered

Her voice

It called to me

Her voice

The Siren that Homer wrote about

My Siren

I must obey her call

I drop my jacket and walk slowly too her

I must obey her call

One last time

One more time tonight

It’s nearly daylight now

The time draws closer that I need to part

but I can’t separate myself from her

Our souls

Our bodies

Merging as one

Time and time again

Time after time

Meeting new gods and dispelling old one

Creating tiny universes and then destroying them

With the ever crushing blows of our bodies pushing into each other

Like the ocean waves crashing onto the shores of an undiscovered island

My love for her grew

Her love for me drew me in

and I surrendered to her

I surrendered to her will

and her body

and her mind

I surrendered

It’s the morning hour

I collect my thoughts

I collect my clothes

I pick my wrinkled jacket up from the floor

Where it’s lying in front of the door

I opened the door to leave

She beckoned once again

“Please, stay…”

and I surrendered