I am

I sat silence next to the lake under the shadow of the mountain

As I watched the ripples flow carelessly through my reflection

I reflected deeply on the ripples flowing heavy across my heart

My thoughts racing like birds

Calling my attention from everywhere

Except here


I am

I am here

Sitting silently next to the lake

Under the shadow of the mountain

and as my thoughts slowly fade my focus gleams the tip of the summit

I become one with the mountain

With the lake

and peer deeply into my soul

The Universe

I am the Universe

My third eye opens and I see truths I am afraid to admit

With all I’ve lost it seems it’s time to face myself

and accept the change

I sit in the presence of a great eye looking back

I feel that connection that binds us all to nothingness

Emptiness in form

Held close by the hands of Buddha, Krishna, Christ, and Mohammad

They keep asking me why we can’t change.

Why can’t we find peace?

That’s a question for another day

Maybe another lifetime

Right now

I am here

I am present

I am fulfilled

I am love

I am compassion

I am grateful

My heart overfills with joy

My chakras align

and it’s then I know that

I am