Grasping At Straws

I stand on the outer edge of myself and reality

I am unable to wake up and find the same me every morning

Truth is a rule that most people bend

Truth is a lie


Like love and faith

I have great faith

In nothing solid

I walk a gray line

Counting points that only matter to me

Points in time

Time and space are also lies


Lies like forever and serendipity

You were my serendipity

Now you’re a ghost

I stand in a flowing river

The Universe smiles on the person who stands firm in their beliefs

but what do I believe?

What can we believe?

I stand on the edge of reality

and myself

I watch your eyes as I walk across the great decide between us

I watch your face as it awakens to the reality of what we are

and my eyes stay fixed on the skies that cry the truth

but truth is a lie

Like love and faith

You see my face as I awaken to the reality of what we are

What we were

or could become

We part with a wink and smile

Our hearts broken to an idea of what we believed we could be


Lies like forever and serendipity

The truth lies in the eyes of the beholder


The truth lies

and the beholder loosens his grip on reality

and lets go of the nothing that still remains

The nothing is all that’s really there

All that is real is nothing

and I… I stand on the edge of the Universe

Grasping at straws