Goodbye Shauna…

Shauna left us this week to rejoin the starsA satellite watching overhead

Now someone’s guardian angel

A light as bright as her eyes

Burning like the sun
A drum calling to us from afar
Her heart as wild and free as a river

Just as sweet as the first taste of honeysuckle

Springtime always showing in her smile

A mother to the lost children

and the friend to the unforgiven souls
She’s a shooting star through tail of a comet
Now she’s made that step

The leap into the great unknown

Into the hands of God

or back into the quiet whisper of the Universe

Only she knows
Either way she lives forever in our hearts
The sun is setting now

A glow of pink and azure on the horizon 

The cold pacific creeping closer to the shore

It’s white mist a ghost walking across the sand

Out of the corner of my eye I see her waving goodbye
Rest well, my dear, you were well loved by many