Goodbye, for now…

Watching you collect you scattered clothes and pack your bags is heartbreaking
Our time together is so brief, yet neither wants to be here

We fit so well together, like a puzzle piece

A missing piece exists

It keeps up forever apart

You walk back and forth humming
I’m not even sure which song it is

Your smile, my God, those lips
So many times I desired to kiss them
To bite them

To feel them over my body, gently

Like the rain falling softly over the ocean

And I have

So many times…

But this morning you’re leaving
Maybe for good
You may never return to me

A part of me is truly broken over this
A part of me rejoices that I’ll be free from your whims

Your resentment

Your rage


Here I sit alone
At the head of the bed

The bed we would share in screaming ecstasy and joyful fulfillment so many times

It now sits as an empty shell of what we were

A ghost of you

Just an object that helps my mind retain the memory of your carved body

The gods went out of their way when they created your body

It’s still no reason to ask you to stay
I’ll never know another like you

Your love
Your passion

Your rage

I stop daydreaming long enough to see you slumped in front of me
Hoodie pulled up, leopard print bags in hand

Your hands are shaking with forever goodbyes
Your eyes are begging me to ask you to stay

And those lips

Those lips that were once my playground

You drop your bags and throw your arms around me
Holding me tight I feel your tears on my bare back

Then you kiss me hard, so hard
Harder than you had ever kissed me

I knew this was goodbye
Goodbye for now or goodbye forever

“Don’t get up, please. Please don’t follow me out.” You say to me.

I just smile
I don’t know what else to do

We both know it’s over
Sometimes things just have to be over

And then without a second glance back you walk out

This room is so silent
I’ve never heard it so silent

In the background I hear the thump of the end of the record we were listening to earlier that morning

Maybe it’s just my heart breaking


I walk to the window just to catch a final glance
You don’t look back

You never look back

Now you’re gone

My one true love

If you’ve never had to tell your soulmate goodbye then you’ll never understand this pain

I didn’t understand

Once again I am alone