The music is loud

but beautiful

Hozier’s voice carries my memory across the stars

and back to that one happy moment with you

I know it’s you I see



not with him

Never with him

He just sits there

His gaze unapproving

He doesn’t even smile while your happiness glows

and you are glowing like the sun

I remember


In perfect detail

Your head in my lap

Beer in hand

the music was playing soft and quiet so we could talk

but we never talked

Our lips were busy

but we never talked

So long ago

So many days have past since I’ve seen you

Really seen you

and now from across the room there you are



but not with me

I know it’s for me though

Out of Eden was playing then too

I see that memory in your smile

I feel it too

So long ago

I’m much happier now without you

but you’ll always be in my memory

and out of my life


(for Sasha)