Dance with me

Where did the fucking passion go?

You’re obsessed with everything

and I’m sinking to the bottom of the bottle

I want to tell you

We both know better

We know I can’t 

Even though I know that you know

You dance for everyone 

Except me 

What does that really make me?
Dreams like this die

They need to

They must
Stop thinking

Fuck that

I’ll just drink more 

The only person that ever listens is the bartender anyway

She has better things to get to 
This must be my kind of love

It’s always moves slow

It always leaves me alone

Alone with a bottle and my thoughts
If you only knew what I was thinking

How I felt

I try to tell you

I never reaches you

I don’t feel like I have

God knows I’ve tried
Ask the fifteen empty bottles 
They’ll testify on my behalf 
Self surviving sons of bitches
It’s midnight and I’m dancing alone

You’re the only girl I want to dance with

You’re the only girl I want

Fuck it
Pass me another shot, Maria 
I’m quick on my feet

Watching cars drive by

Walking home

Watching stars

Falling stars
I’m the most fallen of all
and I’m sure as fuck no star
I’m out of my mind and have no soul 

I still like to dance
Don’t pray for me

He gave up on me a long time ago
He sent the goddess of death to collect me

Even she rejected me
It’s ok that you stay distant

You have your reasons
So do I…
It’s why it’s so late and I’m talking to this fucking fire hydrant 
He doesn’t judge me
Fuck, I forgot to tip Maria

I better go back inside

The hydrant is starting to look at me funny

The clown 

The clown that isn’t funny
I still won’t frown for you
Fuck you

I’m happy
We both know better

We both know that it’s real

We both know
You’re just like me
Johnny Walker told me it’s true
He never lies
I do
I’m not proud of that
but I do…
All I want right now is to be laying by your side

Holding you

Kissing you
Dreams like this must die
They always die
All stars eventually burn out
KI thought ours would burn longer
Where did the fucking passion go?
Come on, baby

Hold me awhile longer

Just hold on

Don’t let me go

Dance with me
These thoughts are as empty as my glass