Book Update

I am truly sorry for the delay. So many of you are messaging me and asking when 101 Day will be released. My answer is any day now. We’ve been hung up due to the cover art and a few of the photos in the original that weren’t able to be added (all my fault). I actually added a few more poems as well as a couple more photos to make up for the delay. We’ll also have the process over ordering signed copies directly from us.


Unfortunately this has made me late on a few other projects as well.


Thank you for being patient.


In the meantime my next book, Love Letters, will be hopefully on time and have much more content than 101 Day does. I was also asked about putting a Coffee Table Book together with mostly my photography. I’m looking around Christmas for this one. Once the store is launched you’ll have the option to buy many of these signed from us. This includes prints, post cards, and much more.


Thank you for sticking with me. All of you are appreciated.