My Lowepro

As a photographer I’m very lucky. Life is created moment by moment. Behind the camera I get to see that people really live their lives by the things that take their breath away. I get to be there when they say I do, sing happy birthday, or celebrate a life well spent. I’ve photographed babies…

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December… and half way through January.

December was been a busy month. Just a few things I’ve done are photograph Touch of Class Choir. I love this choir. Awesome people and awesome musicians. If you get time, you should really go see them or sign up to sing with them. I also got to photograph one of my best friends…

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What am I to do?

I’m going to plan, for now, to update my blog every other week. I’ll start migrating the stuff from my old blog as well. This week I though I would talk about things I carry in my trunk that most people I know (back in Ohio anyway) might not carry in their car that never…

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