Win a free skateboard! Includes: The Uprise deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip. Rules: Go follow the new Sleeping Hooligan Twitter account: @sleepnhooligan Tag a friend on the post on Instagram hashtag #sleepinghooligan Follow the new YouTube page: Once we get 111 followers on the new YouTube page we’ll pick a winner. US entry’s…

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Don’t forget what makes you unique. As you’re getting lost along the way remember the people you meet, and cherish the memories you make. Stand out. Stay happy, even when everything is falling apart, smile. Someone is watching, and relies on your strength to find their own. Turn rejection into elevated awareness. Become more than…

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New Support Group on Facebook

I started a support group today for people looking for a little encouragement with exercise or just life in general. It is a a closed group so that the people in the group feel they can talk without just anyone listening in. I’d like to encourage anyone to join!

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