Goth and Tied

It was late in the afternoon that I finally made my way to the bar. I’ve found that since my Saturday’s are so lonely that it’s best to sleep in instead of getting up early to fight a hangover. It was at this time I first saw her, a young Goth girl across the room. When our eyes met it was as if kismet took over and we were drawn together like magnets. She shuffled across the room rather hastily. She introduced herself as Rachel, or Rosy. I’m not really sure.

Does it really matter?
We made small talk while I drank my beer. She was fond of those fake martini drinks. The kind some women order to avoid real alcohol, but still act like they can’t walk. Personally I’ve always appreciated a woman who can knock back a bottle of gin with me. Tonight all I have is, whatever her name is, and I really didn’t see it going anywhere.

It was about three beers in when she pulled up close and kissed me. Her big doe eyes painted black and lips just as dark. She moved in to bite my ear, and suggested we go back to her place. I joked and asked if her parents would appreciate her bringing an older man home, but she laughed it off and just said ” I’m 27,asshole, I’m not a child!” She was right about one thing. She wasn’t a child. She was a little chubby, but she squeezed her large breasts into that tiny top. She showed enough cleavage to drive nearly any man, let alone a half drunk 38 year old, insane. She tugged on my sleeve and suggested we leave again. I gave into my better judgment and agreed.

We walked about three blocks passing food carts and some popular doughnut place. Finally she announced with joy that we were at her place. She wasn’t what I was expecting. Most of the time Goths are gloomy and moody. She was upbeat and happy. Maybe it was the six appletinis she drinks, maybe it was the anticipation of taking a stranger home, and it started not to matter. All that really mattered is that we were here, and I was horny. The entire walk here all she talked about was how bad she wanted me to fuck her, how bad she needed me inside of her. She had me so hard that I couldn’t wait. Neither could she.

As soon as we walked in she started undressing. “I hope you like oral” she said. She dropped to her knees, unbuttoned my pants, and put my cock in her mouth. This was the kind of woman I liked. One who knew what she wanted and went for it. It made me overlook her drink choices earlier in the night. I found my hand moving to her head as she pushed me up against the wall and started sucking faster. She looked up while stroking my cock, and asked if we should move into the bedroom. I smiled and nodded, undressing while we walked, her pulling playfully by my hard cock.

We got in the room and she blushed. She looked to the floor and asked quietly if I’d be interested in tying her up. I smiled, and joyfully agreed. As I pulled her arms behind her back I let my cock rub across the cheeks of her ass. The first few knots are always the real test. If she doesn’t back out at this point then it’s all a go. I left enough room so I could pull her around a little. I pushed her forward on the bed burying her face in her over stuffed pillow. I didn’t go all in. I let my cock move slowly around her wet pussy. I pulled out and then started licking her slowly around the back of her thighs, while teasing her pussy with small taps of my tongue. She moaned and squirmed, but I pulled on the rope reminding her who was in control. It was a control she loved, wanted, maybe even needed. I brought myself back up, and slowly moved my cock inside of her, and she whispered “Yes… yes…”

As I slowly started to fuck her I pulled her arms up placing more pressure on the upper body causing her face to bury deeper into her pillow. She begged me not to stop, begged more to fuck her harder. My thrusts caused the entire bed to move violently and her body quivering started to move as violent. Her moans turned into screams calling out to God, and anyone else who would listen. The entire time I would release pressure, and then apply it harder, each time slowing my motion, and then building momentum, fucking her harder, deeper. She started screaming, telling me she was cumming. I was close myself, so I let go and started to cum too. I held the pressure on her ropes tight the entire time I was cumming. She screamed into her pillow, her breathing shallow, and then the room fell somewhat silent. I found myself lying next to her running my fingers up and down her arms. She had pressed her ass into my cock, and slowly moved around, still moaning a little while her body was shaking. She asked me to untie her, and I slowly removed the rope.

After a few minutes of silence she asked bashfully if I had a good time. I smiled and assured her I did. It was then that she flashed with embarrassment. She told me that her girlfriend would be home in an hour, and that I shouldn’t be here when she returned. I smiled and slowly collected my clothes from around her apartment. She walked me to the door, and kissed me hard one last time. She didn’t offer me her number, and I didn’t care to ask. This wasn’t a place I figured I’d return to again.

As the door closed behind me I walked away smiling. She was a cute girl, and all she wanted was what her lover wasn’t giving her. I’m not sure why, maybe they weren’t sexual. Maybe her partner wouldn’t tie her up. To be honest it didn’t matter.

It was getting colder, and when Portland gets cold it starts to rain. The rain makes people do some strange things. Me? I was just out planning on having a few drinks and going home alone. It’s crazy how quick things change, and then go right back to where they were.

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