The Opera

Eva dreamed of a night at the opera. She practically begged Kenneth for months to take her. When she won tickets at a secret auction for balcony seats to see Carman she was ecstatic. This was finally her chance to introduce Kenneth to her favorite opera. He not only refused, but informed her that he felt she was pressuring him too much. When he left she was devastated. In the heat of their argument he broke up with her. She sat sobbing on the couch for hours. It wasn’t until the next day that she would realize how grateful she would be that Kenneth had left her life.

The next morning Eva rose uninterested in eating, or even leaving her apartment. That’s when the phone rang with the reminder of the tickets she had won. The voice on the other end was a high pitched woman with a New Jersey accent. Eva wrote down the address, got dressed, and dredging left her apartment. She walked through the Pearl District of Portland unaware how wonderful she actually felt until she reached her destination. After receiving her tickets she made her way to her favorite coffee shop. Upon entering she saw her friend Jeanie. She told Jeanie about her breakup, and then informed her friend that, even though she was originally upset, she was actually very happy about the previous night’s events. It occurred to her how draining Kenneth was on her energy, and how his continual disapproval of everything she enjoyed was depressing. Jeanie was excited, because this had been her feelings for some time. That’s when Jeanie told Eva about Brody.

Brody worked with Jeanie at the office where she answered phones for a local attorney. Over lunch one day, Jeanie recalls to Eva, Brody told her of his love of opera, and Italian food. Eva was interested, but knowing she had just ended a relationship she was hesitant. After she finished her coffee she informed Jeanie that she’d be interested in meeting Brody.

A few nights later she met Brody, and they quickly found themselves chatting in depth about art, food, and of course opera. Over the next few weeks they continued to become close. It was then that Eva informed Brody that she had tickets to see Carmen, and wanted him to accompany her. Brody was excited. He had never been to an opera, and never thought he would ever get to see one from the balcony. He agreed to go, and asked Eva if she’d allow him to cook for her before they went. She agreed to the date, and for the first time they kissed each other goodbye. For both of them they felt like it was the first time they had ever kissed anyone. Brody pulled Eva close, and held her in his arms. After a few minutes they quickly kissed again parting ways.

Eva arrived early to Brody’s apartment. He had a nice flat that overlooked Burnside. In the taxi on the way over she was feeling anxious. Although they had been to coffee several times they had never had what she considers a date. As she walked to the door she felt her anxiety fading. She took a few deep breathes, and knocked on the door. Brody promptly answered, greeted her with a kiss, and invited her in. As she walked in she was pleasantly surprised. She wasn’t she if it was his sense of style, the amazing smells from the kitchen, or the fact that he was already playing Carmen quietly in the background. He invited her in, and offered her a glass of a local Pinot he had bought earlier as he meticulously searched the Portland markets for local ingredients that he would use to prepare Eva dinner. She graciously accepted, and was pleased with his selection.

They chatted while Brody cooked. He was making seafood linguine. He remembered a story she told him about it being her favorite as a child. The fact that he remembering this small fact was exciting for her, because she couldn’t remember a single time that Kenneth remembered anything she told him about herself. Brody asked her to the table, pulled out her chair, and helped her sit. His manners and care were refreshing. He brought dinner to the table, and started to serve her. As he leaned in she kissed him on the face near his ear. He paused for a moment blushing. He slowly turned to her kissing her softly on the lips. She smiled, and he continued to set the rest of the food on the table. During dinner they talked about the opera. They were both excited to finally be going. Dinner was finished, and they walked to the window wine glasses in hand. They chatted quietly while Bizet’s masterpiece stained their memories with these passing moments.

The tickets came with a complimentary limousine ride. They were waiting at the window chatting as the car pulled up. They rushed down stairs like excited children chasing after an ice cream truck. The driver opened the door, reminded them of the champagne, and let them know that the traffic was its usual blissful mess. Even with the traffic being abysmal the driver assured them yet they would be on time. The driver shut the privacy window, and they took this as an invitation to kiss. The long lingering kiss quickly turned into a series of smaller kisses. Maybe it was the wine, the glass of champagne, or just simply a desire to do something she had never tried, but Eva leaned into Brody and asked “Have you ever thought about having sex in a limo?” He smiled, and just leaned into her with a deep hard kiss. He ran his hand up her dress, and under her panties. As his hands explored her she bit his lip, and slowly started to lay in the seat. Brody unfastened his belt, and lowered his pants. It only took a few seconds for him to move his way on top of her, and slowly slide his cock inside of her. Eva moaned. She them locked embarrassingly at the privacy glass.

As Brody kissed her neck she quickly forgot her embarrassment, and pulled his face to hers kissing him. He pulled her left leg to his shoulder, and she braced herself with her arm against the wall of the limousine. She pulled his leg with her free arm, and he increased his thrusts. Several times they felt the car slow down, and speed up. They knew that traffic was heavy, and knew that they were still at best twenty minutes away. They could hear the privacy glass click, and sat up. The driver started to talk, and Brody threw his jacket over his lap. The driver let them know that they were only a few miles away. This surprised them, and after the window rolled back up they quickly got dressed laughing.

They made it into the opera, and were amazed with the seats. The rest of the night fared well, and as they shared their love of opera they also slowly started to fall in love. They left the opera arm and arm wondering where the rest night would take them.

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