The Secret Room

We started into the city around five. Portland traffic can be difficult at best, especially on a night that the Blazers are playing. After we finally parked we ran in to get a drink or two before the game. I’m not sure if it was the dirty martini, or if it was the dim lighting, but she seemed a bit more randy than usual.

She pulled up close to me, kissed my cheek, and asked if I was in the mood for a little trouble. “Are we going to rob the bar?” I asked. She looked around, smiled, and said “Maybe! Do you think we can? We have these little olive swords!” I laughed before I kissed her. She had that taste of gin on her breath. It’s such a turn on, tasting hard liquor on her lips. I kissed her again, I had to. I needed to. How much I want her at times is crazy. The way she looked at me there in the dim light of the bar I could tell she wanted me too.

The type of work I do I get to meet all sorts of people, and I try to be friends with all of them. I help them, they help me. I think it’s the way that all professional people work. I met Stan a few years ago. I helped him write a poem for his wife’s birthday. I’m guessing it got him the best sex he’s had in years, because every time I see him he thanks me. A month ago I asked Stan for a tour of the Moda Center. As we walked he mentioned that there was a room that sat mostly un-noticed. I asked him to show it to me. He laughed, and told me it was the place that a few employees might or might not escape to for the occasional unsanctioned break. Now, here I am with the love of my life horny, and ready for anything.

After a few more hard kisses we walked arms locked to the entrance doors. Our smile got bigger with every step closer to our seats. We both love basketball. As we headed for our seats I took her hand, and walked slowly away from our seats. She pulled my arm to stop me. “Aren’t we going to our seats?” she asked. “I have a surprise” I said winking. She giggled, because she knew it was big. I’m guessing that in the back of her head she was thinking we were going to meet the players. She didn’t question anything until we walked up a small flight of steps, and into a small room with a small table and a couple of chairs. Her smile beamed brighter that ever when she walked just ahead of me removing her jacket.

As she turned around I could tell she was excited. It only took a few seconds for her to say “Take off your pants!” She didn’t give me a chance. She was on her knees opening my zipper. I unbuckled my pants letting them drop. She was already starting to suck my cock. After a couple of minutes I pulled her up. I kissed her, and lifted her onto the table. She unbuttoned her jeans, and I pulled them off as quickly as I could. We wanted each other, but neither wanted a public sex charge, but isn’t that the exciting part? The thought of getting caught is always exciting. I dropped to my knees to return the favor, and was pleasantly excited to find her wet and ready. After running my tongue around her clit for a few I rose to my feet, pulled myself close, and slowly joined our bodies into one.

Her back arched a little as she moaned. “Make it quick” she said “We can pick it up at home again later” I pulled her legs up to my shoulders, and slowly build my speed up to full hard thrusts. She reached up gripping my arms just above the wrists, and pulled my in closer. With each thrust she moans, and pulled me into her again. We heard the door knob rattle, but didn’t stop. I knew it was locked. I also knew that very few people had a key. The thought of someone walking in excited both of us, and she announced that she was close. I could tell that she was because she always gets this very relaxed smile on her face. Her body started to quiver, and I started to cum. I kept thrusting as she dug her nails into my arms. Her legs relaxed, and I knew she was finished. She was lying there smiling, and her body was shaking a little. I pulled her up close to me, and whispered “We better get dressed” She agreed, but was still a little winded. I gathered her clothes, and helped her get dressed.

I peeked out the door, and the coast was clear. We made our way to our seats giggling and kissing the entire way. Even if the Blazers lost this was the best game we’d ever come to.

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