( A #poem about #depression ) In plain sight

An ocean of regret swallows me as I fight for each breath

My anxiety and depression push me under each wave likes masked bandits robbing me of my life

My time

Our time is so short and here I am in a self-induced coma afraid to step out of my own front door

Afraid to step out into the light even though I know that this is all in my head

My head

I don’t even play nice with me so why should the voices?

Self-doubt and void of self-love

I need to climb out of this hole I keep falling in to

I need to feel whole

I am not alone

I am happy

I am free

I am ok

These are all the lies I tell myself 

They are only lies to myself

Hidden in the truth I can’t or won’t believe

Hidden in my heart 

In plain sight