I can’t think of a single time that my heart hasn’t skipped a beat when our eyes meet. That smile says more to me than countless volumes of books. She’s the kind of girl all guys want, but I just happened to be lucky enough to be with. The best part is, she chose me. 

She’s the most beautiful person I know. That wasn’t what was important, or even why I fell for her. It was her compassion. The way she cared for other people, people who couldn’t care for themselves, and might not have a voice without her. The way she relentlessly works to make other people’s lives better, and empower them to live happier lives was such a wonderful thing. To listen to her talk about it in such a selfless manner is so fascinating. I honestly feel the only selfish bone she has is for me, and I share that. She’s my girl, my lady, and she’s my best friend. 

It might seem like I’m bragging here, because I am. I’m a lucky man. She’s the total package. Smart, beautiful, sexy, and she has Mother Teresa’s heart. She’s strong, has an opinion, values, and really makes me want to work on being a better man. She says she isn’t perfect, and maybe that’s true… but I’ll tell you what, she’s perfect to me. I didn’t want to love her this much, but I do. I really do.

I can’t say enough how lucky I am. She’s supportive of my career choices, but helps me keep my head out of the clouds and focused. If I believed in angels or heaven in the manner that most other people do then I’d have to say she’s is an angel sent from heaven. 

She makes my heart smile. She makes me happy. She’s never asked me to change. She brings out a part of me that wants to change though. She takes away my inner demons that say “I can’t” and makes me believe I can. If I have even touched her heart half as much as she has mine I’d rest happy. I want to see her as happy as she makes me. 

She’s amazing. That’s all, simply amazing.