A thin silver cord

Your love is the river flowing from Eden

and I am denied access

Guarded by your inner demons

Holding me at your will

Your knife sharp at my throat

A sacrifice for your gods

The same gods you scream for in your bed

Our alter

Praying to no one

Preying on my heart

Stabbing me deep in my soul

As I fall away

Spiraling into the great abyss

Darkness surrounding me


Falling as hard as I fell for you

Alone to ponder how deep I am still sinking

Loneliness is it’s own hell

Stripped away from the hands of the ones I love

The ones I hold dear

As you sit upon your high pale horse

Holding the rope just out of reach

The same rope I’ll hang from when the Crone finds me

The same rope that held us tight

Like a thin silver cord attached to our astral selves

I hope I wake up soon

Twitter and Instagram: @tanisjustice