A ghost of you

A ghost of you walks through my heart

In my deepest thoughts like a hallway you roam

I thought I let you behind

I thought you were the remnant of a dream

Lost while I was waking

I feel myself walking away

I feel your eyes following

I feel your heart beat from across the room

“Give me a chance” you say

“One more shot, I’ll do better. I’ll love only you”

You lie

You always lie

Your forked tongue stabbing at me

Feeling the puncture wounds in my back

I always believed you

Believed you love me


It wasn’t love

It wasn’t anything

The dream will fade

They always do

When you wake from a nightmare you always feel safe

I was safe in your arms

but never in your heart

Never was my heart safe with you

Goodbye, my love


When he leaves I won’t return

I’m not that man anymore

The man who loved you unconditionally

I know my worth

A ghost of you is all that remains in my heart

I’ll hire a priest to fix that