My glass is almost empty

So is the bottle for that matter

Why did you come home?

Did you think we needed you after all this time?

Once in my life I thought I needed you

Once I thought I couldn’t get by without you

How could I deboned on you when you couldn’t get anywhere on your own?

My last sip has you drifting away




Still not far enough

The only time I see you is when I visit Sullivan Street 

Once a daydream washing away with the waves

Now you’re more like a fucking nightmare walking all over my heart like the four horses

You were a supernova

A bright sun that gave hope but couldn’t provide warmth

So you gave up on everything and turned into yourself 

Only to explode

Leaving the debris of my heart circling a giant fucking black hole

A whole that wasn’t quickly filled

but it was…

With a deeper love and understanding than I ever thought I’d know

A brighter sun

High in my sky

So this last drink is for you

My last thought as you fade into oblivion and obscurity 

I would so goodbye

I’d rather not say anything at all

The flowers have all lost their petals as you are the winter

and I am living in the spring