I’ll never forget you

In another life we make such wonderful lovers

We sit so separate as we sit so close together

I’ll never get you

Loving me that way

Loving me with all your heart

Loving me

I’ll never wonder what was

I’ll never forget

I’ll always be in your memory 

and you’ll always be in my dreams

I’ll never forget

I’ll never hide it

It’s all I need


Across a wild untamed ocean

I’ll never forget

There is something that the bible never teaches about souls. About how they reach out over time. About how they reach out over distance. About how they reach past circumstances and lives. About how they reach each other. Ours touch each other. That’s what we have. It has to be enough for us, because it’s what we have. Never go a day knowing that someone doesn’t love you for all you are, because I do.

I’ll never forget

Because you’re next to me