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If you know me at all, or have ever read anything I’ve published, then you know I love food. I love to cook it, eat it, write about it, photograph it, and share it. It’s just one of the ways of giving back to the people I love.

This is my place to post images and recipes that I cook and the places I love to eat. From serving to my family, my dinner parties/lunches, or from that hole in the wall on the coast where I love my fish-n-chips. (The Old Oregon Smoke House)

When I write about what cook I’ll post the steps I use to prepare it, the style I serve it, and the drinks I serve it with. If you ever have any questions, or if I leave something out just ask me.

I’m a food truck junkie. It is true that I eat mostly vegetarian but not 100%.

I’m always on the search for the perfect sushi, Pho, and coffee! I’m always open for recommendations.

Please feel free to leave questions and comments. Thank you for reading!

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