Waiting For… Us

Endless nights


Looking for answers

Searching my thoughts

Waiting for you

Cold bed

Warm coffee

Reading the paper

Driving myself mad

Waiting for you

The rain starts to pour

The cold sets in

It’s time to leave these four walls

Empty and cold

My heart is hopeful

Walking alone

Our eyes meet

You’re as alone as I am

Looking for excitement

Waiting for me

Truth meets

Our lives become one

Walking together

Hand in hand

Waiting for nothing

We’ve found truth in each other

We’ve found love unconditional and free

We’ve found strength from our past

We’ve built a future in dreams

Waiting for each other

Now we’ll wait no longer

Except for the fun to start


Against Her Heart

It didn’t take long to see

Not after talking to her

After holding her

Wiping her tears away

Brushing my hand through her hair

Under a blanket of stars

Next to the ocean of her soul

Everyone has told her what she should be

He told her what she couldn’t be

She’s heard all the lines before

So I told her the truth

In my hand she put hers

That’s where it stays

Against her heart


Through Your Eyes

Through your eyes I see a better version of myself
Through your eyes I see endless forevers and countless tomorrows
Through your eyes I see everything I ever needed
Through your eyes I see every star I’d wished upon coming true

When I looked in your eyes
Holding you close
Under the cloudy skies
In the crisp cold air
Kissing your lips

I’ve seen everything

Through your eyes



Countless nights searching

Crawling through my dreams

Looking for you

Finding nothing but a ghost

An image of someone I didn’t know



Crying out to the Universe

Begging for a sign you were real

Walking past me daily

Hidden in plain sight

Reaching out wanting to hold me

I over looked you blinded by my own desire

and then you were there

Walking out of my dreams

and into my daylight

Moving like the clouds

Shining like a star

Give me the darkest skies

Give me the hardest rain

All I need are your blue eyes

They guide me through any storm

and guide me to your heart…


Take Your Breath Away

Your smile lights the room


Awkwardly you walk with me

Looking at me and then to the ground again

You brush your hair away

You clear your throat

“It’s ok” I say, “It’s all going to be fine”

You smile and pull close

The relief of surrender falls over you

and you awaken to a new reality

In you, the things other men have found strange

I find endearing

In you, the things other men have found challenging

I find exciting

In you, I see a wondrous woman

Searching for stars on her ceiling

Finding love in blue eyes

Awkwardly you walk

but you know you won’t walk alone


Doubt and fear fade

and your soul breathes a sigh of relief

As I take your breath away…

On walking away

One night in early November I decided to go for a walk
It wasn’t uncommon for me to set out, but it was cold

I walked for hours looking at stars, and thinking about
all the things we’ve done and seen together

The cold crisp air cut sharply into my lungs,
and as the fog started to settle in
the clouds that hung over my brain started to fade

My heart was suddenly burdened with the painful truth
that you were never really mine, that you would always
run back to him, even though he would continually hurt you,
and that no matter how much I wish you really loved me back
I was now and always would be alone

Even sitting next to you…

So I pulled my jacket tight, and adjusted my hat
Much like a sailor adjusting his sails on the open ocean,
and I braced myself to the harsh reality of our relationship,
as if I was bracing the harsh drowning waves of the angry
unforgiving ocean

As I walked towards home I was suddenly relieved
I smiled and came to a single realization

It was time to walk away

not because I wanted to, but because it’s best for my heart

and for my happiness…

So I walked home, picked up the phone, and then slammed it down

Instead I poured a glass of wine

I didn’t matter anyway, so why waste my energy explaining why I was letting go

When you had never held on in the first place…