The music is loud

but beautiful

Hozier’s voice carries my memory across the stars

and back to that one happy moment with you

I know it’s you I see



not with him

Never with him

He just sits there

His gaze unapproving

He doesn’t even smile while your happiness glows

and you are glowing like the sun

I remember


In perfect detail

Your head in my lap

Beer in hand

the music was playing soft and quiet so we could talk

but we never talked

Our lips were busy

but we never talked

So long ago

So many days have past since I’ve seen you

Really seen you

and now from across the room there you are



but not with me

I know it’s for me though

Out of Eden was playing then too

I see that memory in your smile

I feel it too

So long ago

I’m much happier now without you

but you’ll always be in my memory

and out of my life


That wasn’t my journey

This is not my journey, he said

Not where I’m supposed to be
Where I belong…

Walking nights


Unfathomable comfort in not knowing

yet uncomfortable enough to admit he knows

the truth

Surrendering to the gravity of where he belongs

but where? That’s still the question

It just isn’t here

Not in this time and space

Maybe nowhere in this lifetime

Maybe tomorrow
but not now

I need to keep myself away

from you

I need to keep you away

from me

I need to keep myself away


away from myself


Who am I?

No self

Where do I belong?

No where

I am here.

Here is where I belong

As for who I am?

I am always the second choice.

The option she never chooses.

She never will

This is not my journey, he said

Not where I’m supposed to be
Where I belong…

I belong nowhere

to no one

on the edge of the rings of Saturn

in the heart of the moon

Walking in the memories of another life

That wasn’t my journey


Photo by the beautiful Trisha Gates

Without You


Falling hard




My soul

My soul cries out

To you





You are so cold

Your soul


So empty

Your soul cries out

to me

to my soul

I can not hear you

I don’t want to hear you

I won’t hear you


Our connection is broken

You’ve damaged us


too much

too far

So far gone

So far away

So far

away from me

away from what we were

and we’ll never return

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And my soul is better off without you…


Smile, to think of you…

We could walk together

One thousand lifetimes

Holding hands

Sharing that same smile

and you’ll always return

To the one who has hurt you

Countless times

Continue on your journey, my dearest

Be happy

… if you can

I’ll always smile

to think of you…


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Stolen from the sea

You come alive
On the sand
Next to the ocean

Running away so that the waves don’t catch you
Your smile outshines the sun at it’s brightest
Gathering your treasure stolen from the sea

Hand and hand
Smiling but not looking to see
Following the path between the wet and dry

Who are you today?
Do you love me?
Do you hate me?

Is he the one on your mind
making you smile?

It doesn’t matter
It’s my hand you’re holding
My smile you see

As we walk alone
Gathering treasure
Stolen from the sea



I said goodbye to her again


So many times we’ve said goodbye

So many times she’s broken my heart

Never my spirit

I said goodbye to her again today

My final goodbye

The road I travel is paved with adventure

Riding on dreams

Like drifting my longboard down a steep hill

Her road leads her down a path a deceit and lies

Jagged edges cutting her from all the hearts she’s broken

My soul gave a sigh of relief today