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I’ve spent the past 30 years of my life developing a style that is unique to my perspective of the world. Life…

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Think less. Live more.

I’m the poster boy for squandered potential so… I skate. A lot actually. Probably more than I work. I’ll…

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We always have something brewing

It seems like I’m always on to a new project or a new idea. I’ll probably be…

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 Who is Tanis?

I am a photographer, author, and poet. I’m a survivor. Being a hopeless romantic I always thought I wanted a relationship that made the Hemingway & Gellhorn romance look like a G rated movie. The truth is, when I did fall in love it was so much more than an idea. It became a foundation that drove me to insane amounts of creativity and passion.

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latest from the blog

My mother’s son
Posted By tanisjustice  Posted On 10-Jan-2018

It’s funny, I guess. After all these years I sit here thinking about my mother while drinking my morning coffee. If she was here today she’d be sitting across from me clouded in a thick layer of cigarette smoke with her black coffee handing out sage advice much like…

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Happy Holidays!
Posted By tanisjustice  Posted On 23-Dec-2017

I’ve been busy and neglecting my blog. I’m very sorry, but more than happy to reveal the newest project I’m working on!

After the first of the year…

Until then

Happy Holidays!

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Thank you!
Posted By tanisjustice  Posted On 30-Oct-2017

I wanted to say thank you for everyone who showed up in support of A Night of Poetry in Corvallis. Those of you who showed up to read, and those of you who showed up just to watch. You made my night!

A special thanks to Capt. Hugh and Elizabeth…

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