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I’ve spent the past 30 years of my life developing a style that is unique to my perspective of the world. Life…

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Think less. Live more.

I’m the poster boy for squandered potential so… I skate. A lot actually. Probably more than I work. I’ll…

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It seems like I’m always on to a new project or a new idea. I’ll probably be…

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I am a photographer, author, and poet. I’m a survivor. 

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latest from my blog

Bar Confessions
Posted By tanisjustice  Posted On 14-Dec-2018

Goodbyes echo like sirens

I can count every expression in the mirror behind every bottle placed on the shelf of the bar

but I still can’t forget your face when I said goodbye

One day I’ll leave the earth

I’m able to get past all my sins

But that expression will haunt me in…

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Drifted, far away…
Posted By tanisjustice  Posted On 13-Dec-2018

The drip from the sink with it’s slow moving drum beat

The rain outside on the streets and the cars chasing by to ad to the rhythmic barrage of music filling my mind full of memories and my eyes full of tears

Another Sunday morning hitting me like that ton of…

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The importance of goodbye
Posted By tanisjustice  Posted On 08-Dec-2018

There will always be certain places

Moments in times like fragmented memories where I think of you

Often times fondly

Other times sadly

and very rarely angry because of the love you’ve thrown away

But behind all the emotions I remain grateful for the time we spent together 

These lessons learns helped me understand…

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